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Alfasud Model History


1971 – The Original Alfasud 4 door sedan was launched at the Turin motor Show in November 1971 with actual sales commencing in 1972. It had an 1186CC (1200) engine (bore 80mm x stroke 59mm, Compression 8.8:1) coupled to a 4 speed gearbox. Power was rated at 47kw (63bhp) giving the car a top speed of 150 km/h. It weighed 830kg.

1973 – The Alfasud TI was introduced. A 2 door sedan with a weight of only 810kg the and the original 1186CC (1200) engine given more compression (9:1) power was increased to 51kw (68bhp). With a new 5 speed gearbox, top speed was increased to 160 km/h. The original 4 door Alfasud was also given the 5 speed gearbox. This became known as the Alfasud 5m.

1976 – The Alfasud Sprint, a 2 door coupe, was introduced. It had a new 1286CC (1300) engine. The bore remained the same as the 1186CC (1200) but the stroke was lengthened from 59mm to 64mm. Power was increased to 65kw (87bhp) giving the car a top speed of 165 k/mh. Of course, the 5 speed gearbox was retained as with all consequent Sprint and TI models.

1979 – The Sprint Veloce was introduced. In preparation for the phasing out of the Alfasud sedans, the name Alfasud no longer appeared on these models. With the Sprint Veloce came two more engines. The 1350CC (1400) 58kw (78bhp) engine which was essentially, the 1286CC (1300) with a longer stroke of 67.2mm.and the 1490CC (1500) 71kw (95bhp) engine with the longer stroke as well as a wider bore of 84mm. Top speed of the 1490CC (1500) cars was 175km/h plus.

1983 – The Sprint Quadrifoglio Verde (Green Clover Leaf (GCL)) was introduced and it received the 1490CC (1500) 78 kw (105bhp) engine. Top speed was now in excess of 180km/h. The Alfasud TI Quadrifoglio Verde was also introduced later in the year and was to be the Alfasud’s swansong. With the 78kw (105 bhp) engine fitted as well as the Speedline mags and 60 profile tyres of the Sprint (plus a number of other extras eg. special seat trim and extra instrumentation) the last of the Alfasuds were arguably the prettiest and best of all! They were definitely the most powerful and fastest with their top speed similar to that of the Sprint Quadrifoglio Verde at over 180 k/mh!

1984 – By the end of 1983 beginning of 1984 the Alfa 33 had replaced the Alfasud and the Sprint continued for a number of years with a 33 chassis.


1974 – There was a delay of a number of years before Alfasud models reached Australia. It wasn’t until March 1974 that the first batch arrived. At the time, only the 4 door (1186cc (1200) 47kw (63bhp) sedan came to Australia.

1975 – The first of the Alfasud TIs arrived in February with the more powerful 1186cc (1200) 51kw (68bhp) engine.

1978 – The sedan was withdrawn from the Australian market due to lack of popularity but they did make a short re-appearence a few years later.

1979 – Alfasud sales in Australia up to this point had almost ground to a halt! However, the release of the Alfasud Sprint with the 1490CC (1500) engine and the addition of the same engine to the new look TI gave sales a good boost in the latter part of the year.

1982 – The four door sedan was re-intoduced. The two door TI was replaced by the three door hatchback.

1983 – The final Alfasud TI models to reach Australian shores were the more powerful 1490cc (1500) 78kw (105bhp) twin carb TI GCLs. Only a small batch of 250 cars arrived in Australia and are now quite a rarity. There was also a brief introduction of the of the five door hatch which seemed to disappear from showrooms almost overnight.

1984 – The last of the Alfasud TI GCLs were sold at the end of 1983 beginning of 1984 as 33s arrived to supercede the Alfasud range. The Sprint however did remain for a few more years retaining the Alfasuds look but running the 33 chassis.

Alfasud Advertising Australia 1982

Alfasud Advertising in Australia 1982

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